COVID-19 Update – Our guests’ safety is our top priority. We carefully follow government travel guidelines, and have a strict and comprehensive set of safety protocols in place.


Discover Canada Tours is a local family owned and operated sightseeing company that strives to enhance each guest’s vacation to Vancouver by providing local experiences, enlightenment, and entertainment. Operating since 2005, Discover Canada Tours is the leading tour operator in Western Canada.   



Streamlined pick up and drop off procedures

With two central pick up and drop off locations in downtown Vancouver, the start and end of the tour is streamlined. No need to sit on board the tour bus while it circles the city picking up visitors from all different areas of town, and then the same dreaded procedure at the end of the tour. No need to be nervous about being missed during the multiple pickups, or getting impatient waiting for the tour to officially begin. With Discover Canada Tours you know when and where to be to just step onboard and start your tour right away.


Last-minute bookings

There are a great number of visitors who book last minute and still want options. With two central pick up locations, Discover Canada Tours can accept tour bookings right up until the tour departure time, based on availability, with no difficulty. Other companies need to coordinate the routing for multiple pickups making it near impossible to accept last-minute additional bookings without creating a ripple effect in the tour’s pick up routing. 


Best Value

As a result of the operational savings recognized by streamlined pick up and drop off procedures, tour prices can be reduced. Discover Canada Tours passes the savings onto the visitor while continuing to offer premium tours. 


Special Pricing for 65 & Over

Savings on Discover Canada Tours services are offered to those heading towards their prime of life. In recognition of those 65 years of age and older, there is special pricing that provides notable savings.


Guided Walking Tour

Using the space around you for illustration and inspiration, a guided walking tour is included on each of our tours (participation is optional). Many visitors want to immerse themselves in their surroundings. Have their feet on the ground and breath in the fresh coastal air. Before having some free time to explore on their own, a walking orientation, and selection of stories makes the region come alive and provides a greater level of security and direction.


Tour in Comfort

Ride in comfort aboard a deluxe mini-coach, with a maximum 24 seats, fully equipped with air conditioning for those hot summer days.



Organized and Efficient use of Time

Discover Canada Tours handles the organization and preparatory work for visiting landmarks in the area. Visitors save time and energy that would otherwise be put into researching and planning their own tours. The tour itineraries are built with local knowledge of operating hours, routing, locations, and their proximity, in order to make the most efficient use of visitor’s time. Additionally, transportation is provided, with a professional driver at the helm. Visitors simply select the preferred tour and show up at their designated time.


Comfort and Safety

The first time in a new location leaves many travellers feeling nervous or unsure of where to go and how to act. This is particularly true for vacations abroad. A guided tour gives you a sense of comfort since the tour guide understands the culture. They also know the areas of the city that should be avoided, and therefore brings a sense of security to the trip.


Inside Knowledge

Discover Canada Tours operates frequent tours in the area and employs local guides. This provides an inside knowledge of the destinations that visitors likely don’t possess. Insider knowledge of the area means all the highlights will be incorporated in the tour. The tour may also reveal obscure information about the region that otherwise would not be learned. Our tour guides share stories, history and information on flora and fauna to enrich the experience.



Joining a group of fellow travellers adds a social aspect to a guided tour, especially if the visitor is touring alone. Experiencing a new city with others allows you to share your reactions and connect with fellow group members. In some cases, the relationships built last even after the tour ends.


Reduce Environmental Impact

All Discover Canada day tours are conducted on deluxe mini-coaches, not to exceed 24 passengers per vehicle. Group travel, such as this, leaves a much lighter carbon footprint than if visitors each hired a car. Smaller group touring also helps with sustainability of the region compared to large motorcoach touring.


Good Investment

Vacation time is precious, as is the money that’s devoted to bring the experience to fruition. There’s nothing worse than returning home from vacation stressed, feeling like time was wasted, and having experienced nothing notable. The remedy to all this is Discover Canada Tours. Invest in us and be rewarded with a captivating, stress-free tour, hosted by an extensively trained driver / guide who will bestow local knowledge, and a day of entertainment.


  • Guests can choose between two tour pick-up locations:
    1. Canada Place – 1010 Canada Place Way, Vancouver
    2. Sheraton Wall Centre – 1000 Burrard Street, Vancouver
    3. Blue Horizon Hotel – 1225 Robson St, Vancouver
    4. Library Square – 345 Robson Street on Horner
  • Our friendly driver/guides are available to assist at any time.
  • Tour times listed are the bus departure times. Guests should be at their preferred pick up location well in advance of their tour departure times listed. 
  • Bus departs promptly and does not wait for late guests. Guests who miss their tour departure time are considered a no-show and no refund is provided.
  • In order to participate, all guests must be able, and willing, to walk up approximately 3 steps in order to board the bus.