About Discover Vancouver Tours

Discover Vancouver Tours(DVT) is one of the five specialized divisions operated under Discover Canada Tours(DCT). Working closely with the concierge teams at hotels in and around Vancouver, as well as the Vancouver Convention Centre and Destination Vancouver to welcome guests from all over the world, we offer guided Day Tours scheduled daily for Vancouver, North Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria, and Malahat on Vancouver Island.


Streamlined pick-up and drop-off procedures

With four central pick-up and drop-off locations in downtown Vancouver, the start and end of the tour are streamlined. No need to sit on board the tour bus while it circles the city picking up visitors from all different areas of town. No need to be nervous about being missed or not having a seat. With Discover Vancouver Tours, you know when and where to be.  Simple step onboard and start your tour with our friendly & knowledgeable tour guides.


Last-minute bookings

There are a great number of visitors who book last minute and still want options. With four central pick-up locations, Discover Vancouver Tours accepts tour bookings right up to the tour departure time, based on availability, with no difficulty. Other companies need to coordinate the routing for multiple pickups making it near impossible to accept last-minute additional bookings without creating a ripple effect in the tour’s pick-up routing.


Best Value

As a result of the operational savings recognized by streamlined pick-up and drop-off procedures, tour prices can be reduced. Discover Canada Tours passes the savings onto the visitor while continuing to offer premium tours.


Special Pricing for 65 & Over

Savings on Discover Vancouver Tours are offered to those heading towards their prime of life. In recognition of those 65 years of age and older, there is special pricing that provides notable savings.

Free Guided Walking Tour

A guided walking tour is always included on each of our tours (participation is optional). Many visitors want to immerse themselves in their surroundings. Have their feet on the ground and breath in the fresh coastal air. Before having free time to explore on their own, a walking orientation with a selection of stories makes the region come alive and provides a greater level of security and direction.


Tour in Comfort

Ride in comfort aboard a deluxe mini-coach, with a maximum of 24 seats, fully equipped with air conditioning for those hot summer days.

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Your Western Canada expert!

Discover Canada Tours is a family-owned and operated tourism agency in Vancouver. As a leading tour operator in Western Canada, we connect travellers to communities through sustainable tourism. We foster human connections in authentic, year-round travel experiences throughout Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Our adventurers are our top priority and we commit to providing you with unforgettable, safe adventures for the best value.

While Discover Vancouver Tours (DVT) offers Single-day Guided Tours in and around Vancouver, Discover Canada Tours (DCT) specializes in Multi-day Guided Tours to other Western Canada destinations such as the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Yukon, Vancouver Island, and more!

Our goal is to share our love of Canada with the world! 

Our tours and destinations cater to various budgets, interests, travel styles and fitness levels. With our own fleet of comfortable mini-coaches or deluxe charter coaches, we take care of your itinerary, ground and ferry transportation, accommodations, and unique activity bookings.

Additionally, we are also a full-service all-in-one agency – our services extend from tour to flight bookings, travel insurance, pre-and-post trip hotel bookings, and more, making it easy for you to plan your dream vacation without any stress. Are you ready to Live the Adventure?

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